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A few personal and professional projects I’ve worked on.



Flamongo is an npm library that helps you find the most efficient indexes for your MongoDB collections. It pumps a collection full of stub data, creates the indexes you specify and runs your queries. It then prints out useful information and statistics, which will help you decide which indexes are best for your needs.

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🎒 Brewpack

Brewpack is an open source tool that installs your favourite tools and apps on your new Mac with a single command. It uses Homebrew under the hood and lets you save all your formulae to a `packages.yml` file which can later be used to restore all your apps to a new or formatted Mac. You can also use it to host the dependencies required to join your team, so that a new team member can automatically install the things they need to be productive.

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Blip is an open source tool that helps you track and visualise the skills you are learning.

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Build Window

An information radiator that displays the status and health of your CI builds. It's built using Dashing and currently supports Travis, Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo and Go.

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WritingPod is an online writing community that allows writers to share their writing and get feedback on their work.

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Here are a few projects I’ve worked on professionally that I’m allowed to share with you.

Tes Job Applications

Tes has won a prestigious recruitment industry award for the ‘Best Online Candidate Experience’ for a jobsboard. The OnRec Online Recruitment Awards celebrate the success, growth, innovation, talent and achievements within the online recruitment industry. Tes was recognised by the judges for its work to reengineer and dramatically improve the traditional candidate experience for teachers.

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Standard Bank Online Banking

Recognising the critical role that technology plays in meeting the ever-evolving needs of their customers, Standard Bank partnered with ThoughtWorks to develop their new Internet banking website, an essential customer-facing platform for their business.

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Discovery Corporate Wellness

With improved participation and ongoing engagement from employees, enhanced reporting and a slick customer experience, the Discovery Corporate Wellness Program is regarded as one of the best in the world. The lengthy and outdated process has been transformed into a seamless high-tech offering, delighting participants and giving Discovery a leading edge.

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Puku Children’s Literature Foundation

Puku Children’s Literature Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in South Africa. Puku’s mission is to preserve the indigenous languages of Southern Africa through the establishment of a diverse and active literature community for indigenous language children’s books.

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