A simple way to install your favourite stuff on your mac and share them with your team

This project is maintained by rouanw

🎒 brewpack

Automate your Mac setup.


brew install rouanw/brewpack/brewpack

You’ll need to have Homebrew installed.

Get started

# create a packages.yml file
# if you already use homebrew, brewpack will include your installed formulae
brewpack init

# install something new
brewpack install --save git
brewpack install --save --cask google-chrome

# joined a new team? get the stuff you need
brewpack install --repo example-company/funteam

# got a new Mac? get all your stuff back.
brewpack install

It’s recommended that you keep your packages.yml file somewhere other than just your Mac. Push it to GitHub or sync it with something like Dropbox. Take a look at my packages.yml for an example.

Bugs & feature requests

Brewpack is still new and I need your feedback to shape it. Open an issue and let me know.


Pull requests are very welcome. If you’re unsure about the functionality you’d like to add, open an issue first so we can talk about it.


brewpack install

brewpack needs a packages.yml in the directory it’s run from. Use it to specify what you’d like installed:

  - git
  - mongodb
  - atom
  - docker
  - google-chrome

Run brewpack install.

The specified packages will be installed using Homebrew and the casks will be installed using Homebrew-Cask.

brewpack install <package>

Instead of directly using homebrew to install what you need, proxy the call through brewpack so it gets saved to your packages.yml file.


Install a core homebrew package and save it to your packages.yml:

brewpack install --save git

Install a cask (usually an app) from hombrew-cask and save it to your packages.yml:

brewpack install --cask --save google-chrome

brewpack install --repo <github-repo>

Install a formulae from a packages.yml hosted on GitHub:

brewpack install --repo rouanw/my-packages

Where rouanw is the GitHub user and my-packages is the name of the repo. It needs to have a packages.yml at its root.

If you regularly push your personal packages repo to GitHub, this is an easy way to get yourself set up on a new Mac.

This can also be really handy for sharing a team setup. Imagine you join the Platform team at FunCorp:

brewpack install --repo funcorp/platform

brewpack init

Run brewpack init to create a new packages.yml file in your current directory. If you’ve already been using Homebrew, it will include the formulae you already have installed.